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IT Policy


IT Policy

The IT (Information Technology) policy encourages the effective usage of computing, networking and IT facilities of the college. The IT policy of the institution authorizes the students, faculty members, non-teaching staffs, management, and guests to utilize the IT facilities, for academic purpose only. Infringement of IT policy will be considered as academic misconduct. Based on the nature of the violation concern authority will take action.

Practical Policies:
  • The users are prohibited to gain unauthorized access to IT resources, which are forbidden by Indian and International Cyber law, National Cyber Security Policy and any other kind such illegal activities will subject the user to civil and criminal liability.
  • The institution prohibits the users from viewing, sending, forwarding, and downloading any fraudulent, obscene, and pornographic, threatening, fake messages are violation of law and also college policy
  • The institution prohibits it’s users from prohibiting Intellectual Property Right (IPR) - relevant to copy right, patent, trademark, database protection law and publicity rights law.
  • The institution validates the use of Open Source Operating System (OS) and Processing Software (PS).
  • The institution insists to stand by the norms of social network forum such as social networking websites, blogs, etc., and also to ensure their privacy while using social networking sites.
  • The users will be penalized if they cause any damage or change to the college data either intentionally or unintentionally.
  • Any kind of incursion, disruption or attempt to cause any harm to the IT resources of the institution are strictly prohibited.
  • The users are instructed to take proper care of the equipment and report to the person in charge in case of any malfunction.
  • The users are strictly not allowed to repair, reconstruct or attach any external device to the computers.
  • No food or drinks are allowed inside the laboratories.
  • Causing loud noise by means of shouting, movie, music, talking and singing are considered as misconduct.

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