Approved by Govt. of Tamilnadu | Affiliated to Thiruvalluvar University, Vellore.
Accredited by NAAC with B++ | An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institution
Katpadi Road, Keelalathur, Gudiyattam-635803. Vellore District, Tamilnadu, India.

Maintenance Policy


Maintenance Policy

  • The policy governing the upkeep and use of physical, academic, and support facilities.
  • The operation of the college is governed by a number of policies, procedures, and practices. The policies are intended for day-to-day use. They offer advice to members in a variety of academic fields.
  • The non-teaching staff is responsible for maintaining and cleaning the classrooms and furniture, and in most situations, the institution hires experts to do so.
  • The college has a sufficient number of computers with internet connections. ______software is available in a variety of settings, including offices, laboratories, libraries, and departments. All stakeholders have equal access to these facilities, according to the institution's norms and policies. The administration has engaged technically trained professionals to maintain the ICT smart classrooms and all comzputer-related equipment.
  • The campus has a CCTV camera installed.
  • Students are charged for laboratory expenditures at the time of admission, as recommended by the statutory body, and non-salary grants are granted for the upkeep of laboratories and classrooms that are used in the teaching – learning process. The institute appoints a gardener to look after the garden.
  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) maintains the generator on a regular basis. Electrical and plumbing maintenance is handled by local experts, and the costs are covered by the college's budget, which is derived from a variety of sources.
  • Management is responsible for library maintenance by allocating funds from the budget. AMC is in charge of library software. Library staff disinfects and cleans the library on a regular basis.
  • The physical education department of the college is outstanding. The running track is used by students, staff, and the surrounding community, and it is maintained with the assistance of management.
  • The college establishes a competitive examination that assists students in preparing for competitive examinations, with management covering the costs.
  • The management is aware of the external and internal stakeholders of the institution, and they work together on a regular basis to unite the huge campus.
  • Maintaining campus support facilities necessitates a meticulous system. The college has a comprehensive policy in place to ensure that the infrastructure is maintained on a regular basis. As a result, the administration allots sufficient finances for the upkeep of the academic and support facilities.

The college have two science laboratories for physics and chemistry within the campus. The necessary equipment is obtained from a modern scientific company. The instruments are properly maintained and repaired on a regular basis by technicians from the same office. If there is a flaw in the equipment, it is replaced immediately with the approval of the principal.

Computer labs:

There are two computer labs available at the college premises. The systems are maintained by hardware technicians who have been specifically hired by the management for this purpose.


The college owns a massive library with a large reading space. It has a dedicated book reading space, and separate systems for reading and borrowing books.


The institution has large classrooms with plenty of fans, tube lights, and desks. All of the facilities are well maintained, and carpenters and electricians handle any repairs or damage to the merchandise.


The physical education department functions in a separate room. The management has appointed a female physical director to oversee the girls' sports activities. The college includes a big sports complex with separate courts for cricket, kabaddi, volleyball, Kho-Kho, and other sports. Buildings, Classrooms, Laboratories, and the entire campus are all under the supervision of an exclusive estate officer. At the end of each semester, the Principal appoints a committee comprising a convenor and members to assess the campus's infrastructure maintenance. Every department has a registrar who keeps track of the stock, and a consolidated report is sent to the higher-ups.

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